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Here are the remaining best available players at the MLB trade deadline

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With two days remaining between now and the July 31st trade deadline, there are still a number of fantastic names available on the trade market.

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There are two days left to make a deal. Two days left for teams to push themselves over the top in 2015 for the playoff hunt. And there are still some names available, including the top prize of Cole Hamels.

1) Cole Hamels

The aforementioned Phillies left-hander has been in trade rumors so long that it's somewhat of a shock that a deal hasn't been completed yet, although the end may be near. Yesterday it was reported that the Phillies were beginning to tell all teams involved in the Hamels chase to submit their final offers by Wednesday.

With a large amount of money and prospects involved in any deal for Hamels, the Phillies are wise to try and sort through it all to avoid not getting a deal done by Friday. The Astros and Giants have been linked to the lefty, but the Dodgers and Rangers seem to be the favorites.

2) Carlos Gonzalez

With Troy Tulowitzki finally out in Colorado, it feels as if an era is coming to an end. Gonzalez is the next Rockies player on the block. His road splits, massive contract and injury history complicate the ability for Colorado to move him, and there are some within the Rockies front office that feel they can get a better deal for him this winter.

3) David Price

Any move that involves Price first needs to be preceded by the Tigers making a decision on buying or selling. As of yesterday, Detroit was still looking to buy and were specifically looking at arms.

4) The Padres (Tyson Ross, Craig Kimbrel, James Shields and Justin Upton)

San Diego has a ton of talent available, with their pitchers being some of the most attractive options. At last check, the Padres spoke with the Cubs about Ross, and inquired with Chicago about shortstop Starlin Castro.

5) Yasiel Puig

Originally Puig was assured by Dodgers brass that he would not be traded this summer. Now, it appears that the team is willing to listen, saying he is movable in the "right deal."

6) Aroldis Chapman

The Reds began their fire sale by moving Johnny Cueto to the Royals, now they have their hard throwing closer drawing interest across baseball. Washington was interested, but they solved their bullpen need by trading for Jonathan Papelbon. The Arizona Diamondbacks have reportedly discussed Chapman with the Reds, but those talks are in a preliminary stage.

7) Jay Bruce

Chapman's teammate, Bruce, has been viewed as one of the premiere offense options in the outfield but his name has been just pure speculation at this point, with no rumors linking a move.

8) Carlos Gomez

The Brewers center-fielder has drawn interest from a wide number of teams, even those not in contention. The Rangers, Indians, Giants and Astros have reached out to the Brewers to ask about Gomez. Milwaukee and New York have been talking a lot lately, with Gerardo Parra almost becoming a Met. It's possible the two teams circle back to a deal, this time for Gomez.

9) Yoenis Cespedes

Just like with Price, any move for Cespedes will only happen if the team decides to sell, which doesn't appear to be reality. Yet.

10) Jeff Samardzjia

The Shark is the most attractive White Sox that could hit the market. Chicago has won six straight and are only 3.5 games out of the 2nd Wild Card spot, so it seems like a long shot for him to be moved.

11) Yovani Gallardo

The Rangers may simultaneously buy Cole Hamels for their rotation and sell Gallardo, as they are listening to offers for him and the Dodgers have viewed him as a backup option if they fail on the Hamels/Price front.