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Aroldis Chapman trade rumors: Reliever might be staying put

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The flame throwing lefty had been linked to several teams, but the market may have thinned to the point where it's not worth it.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The trade deadline is about buyer and sellers, and of course, leverage. Without it, teams don't have as much incentive to trade players away, and as a result can wind up holding onto them. If only one or two teams are interested in a player, it becomes more difficult to extract value, as there aren't as many teams to play off each other in trade talks. Unfortunately for the Reds, that might be the very situation that they've found themselves in with Aroldis Chapman.

It had been reported earlier in the week that the Giants expressed interest in acquiring the closer, and somewhat unexpectedly, so too did the Diamondbacks. However for whatever reason, the market for Chapman is almost nonexistent less than 48 hours before the deadline. That could ultimately force the Reds to hold onto him, and attempt to flip him in the offseason, or during the 2016 season.