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Dodgers designate Brandon League for assignment

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Brandon League no longer has a role with the Dodgers, as he was designated for assignment earlier today.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Despite being owed roughly $4 million in 2015 salary obligations, and not throwing a pitch for the big league club, the Dodgers have decided to part ways with Brandon League. He missed the first three months of the season due to a "right shoulder impingement".

His time on the disabled list was coming to an end, and the Dodgers were forced to make a decision on whether or not he deserved a bullpen spot over one of their other relievers. Two days ago, Don Mattingly said,

"The team had been debating whether League was among the seven most effective relief pitchers at the team's disposal. Apparently, the response came back in the negative"

League posted a 0.84 ERA in his 10.2 innings between A+ and AAA, and with his experience at the major league level, he'll undoubtedly latch on with another team. Unlike almost every other pitcher that can be acquired at this time, League won't come at the cost of a prospect.

The Tigers, Giants, Twins, and Rays, are all likely destinations for the right-hander, as they're among the weakest contenders in terms of reliever fWAR.

Los Angeles is now paying quite the sum of money for players to either sit at home, or actively play for another team.

For context, the opening day payroll of the Marlins, the lowest in baseball, was $68,479,000.