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Cole Hamels, Johnny Cueto unlikely to wind up with Red Sox

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The Red Sox are in the market for starting pitching, but will be looking elsewhere than Cole Hamels and Johnny Cueto.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Before the 2015 season even began, rumors were rampant that the Red Sox would wind up acquiring Phillies ace, Cole Hamels. The question seemed to be a matter of when not if, but that is no longer the case. Boston was unwilling to part with who they believe is their franchise catcher, Blake Swihart, and talks between the two teams broke down.

Now it appears that Boston is entirely put off by the idea of trading for a pitcher that isn't on the younger side of the age spectrum.

In the story, Rob Bradford writes that according to a major league source, they're going to target young controllable pitching, which would rule out Hamels, as well as Cincinnati's ace, Johnny Cueto.

"Also per the source, it isn't likely the Red Sox would be chasing pitchers already owed a substantial chunk of money...Of the starters currently in the Red Sox' rotation, Rick Porcello ($20 million), Clay Buchholz ($13 million club option) and Wade Miley ($6 million) are seemingly locked in for next season's rotation."

All in all, assuming that Boston picks up Buchholz's option, they already have $39 million committed to these three pitchers, and if Porcello can't find a way to improve, he'll become an enormous burden on them financially.

Ben Cherington and his front office are reportedly looking at the starting pitching market, as well as the relief market to make any upgrades for this season, and beyond. Their rotation ranks 14th in fWAR (5.2), while their bullpen is a far worse 25th (0.2).

Despite a record of 37-44, the Red Sox are only six games back of the Orioles and the Yankees, and are still in the race for AL East supremacy. With the right additions, Boston could work their way back towards the .500 mark, and begin climbing up the standings.