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Tigers trade rumors: Is a big move coming?

A beat reporter says that the team is contemplating "big moves".

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE (Friday, 3:24 PM) - The team has designated veterans Joba Chamberlain and Tom Gorzelanny for assignment, meaning that there is a major bullpen shakeup in Detroit. Ferrell and Drew VerHagen will be recalled to replace the veterans in the bullpen mix.

Though it's not a sexy move, parting ways with two veteran relievers is likely the "big move" that reports indicated could be coming last night.

ORIGINAL - Ah, classic vague trade deadline speculation. The latest comes from Detroit (well, Toledo), where John Wagner of the Toledo Blade reports that the Tigers are promoting reliever Jeff Ferrell in a roster decision that could lead to "big moves".

Jason Beck of also noted that more moves may be coming for team.

Ferrell, 24, is a converted starter who stepped into the closer's role for Double-A Erie this season, notching a 1.67 ERA and twelve saves as the team's closer. His promotion may signal a shakeup in the Tigers' bullpen, which currently ranks ninth in the American League with a 3.66 ERA. Veterans Tom Gorzelanny and Joba Chamberlain have struggled all season, so parting ways with one of them may be the big move that Wagner was talking about.

The addition of Ferrell may also mean the Tigers are trying to trade a reliever for a significant piece, though there is no evidence that the team is close on any major deal at this time. Detroit is reportedly scouting the Marlins for pitching help, so the club is actively searching for reinforcements.

At this point, it looks like the Ferrell promotion may signal something bigger for a reeling Tigers' team. Or maybe not. Isn't July awesome?