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Mets trade rumors: Alderson willing to "overpay" for Ben Zobrist

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The team has expressed serious interest in Zobrist, according to a report.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Mets are willing to "overpay" to acquire Ben Zobrist in a trade with the Athletics, according to a report from Joel Sherman of the New York Post. General manager Sandy Alderson recently stated that the team was willing to overpay for the right hitter at the trade deadline, and Sherman reveals that he had Zobrist in mind with that statement.

According to Sherman, Zobrist has been pulled off the market due to the Athletics' recent hot streak, as A's general manager Billy Beane takes a step back from the seller's market. Oakland was expected to shop Zobrist, Tyler Clippard, Scott Kazmir and possibly Josh Reddick in advance of the July 31 trade deadline, though their recent success may cause Beane to keep the band together for the stretch run.

Zobrist will draw interest from most contenders due to his versatility, but has been specifically linked to the Nationals, Yankees, Cubs and Royals in addition to the Mets in pre-July rumors. The 34-year old is a free agent after the season and was expected to be one of the most likely players to be traded before the Athletics' recent streak.

The potential addition of Zobrist would fill a need for the Mets, as he would play second with Daniel Murphy shifting to third base in the absence of David Wright. The team has struggled scoring runs in recent weeks, so the potential addition of an on-base machine like Zobrist would be an attempt to ignite the offense.