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Blue Jays closing in on David Price trade

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Dave Dombrowski is ready to sell off his best pieces, and David Price is attracting a lot of attention.

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UPDATE -- Jon Heyman is reporting that we could be nearing the end of the Price trade rumors. It will be interesting to see if the Jays will be able to swing a deal without including top pitchers Daniel Norris and Marcus Stroman, though other prospects Dalton Pompey and Anthony Alford could be in play. Ken Rosenthal of hears through rival executives that Norris and Alford are expected to be involved.

ORIGINAL -- It's been almost exactly one year since the Tigers acquired David Price from the Rays in a three-team deal with the Mariners, and it's now a essentially a foregone conclusion that he'll be on the move again. Detroit put off making this decision for as long as possible, but Dave Dombrowski confirmed yesterday that the Tigers are "rebooting", and will listen to trade offers on players who could leave via free agency.

Teams have been asking about Price's availability for seemingly all of July, but now that he's actually on the trade block, it's become increasingly clear as to which teams are interested in acquiring him. According to Jon Heyman, that list includes four teams, with Bob Nightengale adding that the Astros could also make a serious push for Price.

While there are a handful of teams trying to acquire him, Heyman reported just a few minutes ago that the Blue Jays are serious about landing the ace left-hander, and Ken Rosenthal is hearing that a deal could be close.

Toronto made what has been the biggest splash of the 2015 trade season when they pried Troy Tulowitzki away from the Rockies, and adding Price to that would be a coup. Their biggest weakness this year has undoubtedly been their pitching staff, and they desperately need to shore up their rotation before the 4:00 PM deadline passes tomorrow. They had to part with several top prospects in the Tulowitzki deal, but they still have Daniel Norris as trade bait, and he would likely be included to secure Price

As for the other teams mentioned, the most surprising one might very well be the Yankees, as a couple weeks ago it was reported that they didn't expect to do anything major, but now that Price is available to the highest bidder, that could change their stance. However the remaining three make perfect sense, as they were known to be in on Cole Hamels.

The Dodgers are close to finalizing a deal that has gotten more complicated by the minute, but if it goes through, the trade would ultimately net them Mat Latos, Jim Johnson, and Alex Wood; but that might not be the final end game for their front office. Price is at the top of their wish list, and they could use one of the pieces they plan to acquire to make it happen.

Wood is under control through the 2019 season, and as David Cameron of FanGraphs pointed out last night, he actually compares favorably to Hamels and Price. While their statistics are relatively similar, Price fits the mold of an ace, and someone that a team could count on to open a playoff series, close one out, or save them from elimination. If Wood is indeed trade bait for the Tigers, it might be difficult for Dombrowski to turn down that package, as Justin Verlander and Anibal Sanchez are the only two guys they can realistically count on past 2015.

As for the Giants, they've reportedly balked at deals that have included Tyler Beede, or Lucius Fox, and despite a late push to acquire Hamels, they simply didn't have the prospect package to compete with Texas.

It's possible that Bobby Evans could simply offer a similar deal to Detroit, however the Giants have been burned recently in the rental player department (they traded Zack Wheeler for 179 plate appearances of Carlos Beltran), and they might be weary of parting with big name prospects for someone they can't guarantee will stay with them.

The Astros were perhaps the most interested in Hamels, but for various reasons, it didn't work out. They have a loaded farm system, and could easily offer a package to get Price, but it's possible that they'd rather trade for someone that won't be as expensive, and will be guaranteed to stick around for more than just this season. They've been connected to the San Diego Padres, who have more than a few starters to offer up in discussions, and the Astros could choose to go down that path instead.