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Wilmer Flores' agent issues statement about collapsed trade

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Flores was thought to be traded to Milwaukee before the deal was cancelled, according to reports.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Jim McNamara, the agent for Mets' shortstop Wilmer Flores, issued a statement today in response to his client being rumored to be involved in trade that would have sent him to Milwaukee:

"We are extremely proud of Wilmer and how he handled himself last night. His reaction to hearing "rumors" of being traded from a team that he's been with since he was just 16 was genuine. Being traded is part of baseball, but finding out the way Wilmer did, is not. Mets Manager Terry Collins said himself, 'there's not a finer kid in the clubhouse than him'. We agree. Wilmer is a true professional, a tremendous young player, and an even better person."

Flores was rumored to be involved in a trade for Brewers' outfielder Carlos Gomez, but will stay with the Mets after the deal was cancelled late last night due to what is being reported as concern over medical records. Flores was seen crying as he took his position at shortstop last night in a game that he thought was his last as a Met.