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Hunter Pence set to return to Giants lineup

Pence initially wasn't expected back until after the All-Star break, but he will be in the lineup tonight.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Giants have been scuffling lately, and have lost seven games in a row. They've scored just 14 runs over that time frame, and are clearly in a need of a boost. To help jump start their offense, the Giants will activate their All-Star outfielder, Hunter Pence, before the game against the Mets tonight.

While the Giants could ultimately change their mind, he is listed in the official lineup as of this writing, and something drastic would have to happen for that to change.

Pence missed the start of the season due to a fractured forearm that he sustained in spring training, but he seemed to be back to normal after making his initial return. Pence played in 18 games, and in 76 plate appearances, he posted a slash line of .282/.329/.451 with a wOBA of .339 and a wRC+ of 122. He unfortunately dealt with issues in his wrist however, which forced him back to the disabled list.

Pence will immediately step back into prime time duty with the Giants, and is slotted to hit cleanup in his first game back in action. The Giants have yet to win a game in the month of July, and are clearly hoping that Pence can help turn the tide.