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Alex Gordon leaves game with groin strain

The Royals All-Star outfielder had to leave the game, and it's uncertain just how long he'll be out.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Update: The Royals are likely going to be without Alex Gordon for a long time, as the news on his groin was not good.

Gordon has yet to undergo his MRI, which means that as of this moment, the Royals are still speculating about the severity. However hearing a pop in regards to any body part is never good news.

Now Dayton Moore must decide if he thinks his team can get through the next few months without Gordon, or if he'll need to make a serious acquisition before the deadline. This is not something that Moore is going to fix overnight, and may use the next week to ultimately figure out the best course of action. There are only two months left in the regular season, and it's not clear if he'd even be able to return for the playoffs at this point.

Original story: Today has been filled with injuries, and the latest casuality is Kansas City Royals outfielder, Alex Gordon.

While running down a fly ball in left field, Gordon began to stumble, and eventually crumbled to the ground. He remained there for over three minutes, until he was helped onto the back of a cart. While it's far too soon to speculate on the severity of his injury, the look on Gordon's face, his fellow teammates, and fans around the stadium was grim.

Gordon was recently elected to start his first All-Star game, which is obviously in doubt at the moment. That's clearly and afterthought for him and the Royals however, as losing Gordon for an extended period of time would be awful news. He's saved four runs this season according to DRS, and has positive values in all of the other defensive metrics.

There might be more news coming later today, as Andy McCullough reported.

Depending on what the MRI reveals, the Royals could find themselves in the market for a replacement outfielder, but for the moment we'll have to wait on the results. If any more information is released, this story will be updated with everything you need to know.