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Phillies trade rumors: Chase Utley clears waivers

The Phillies can now work out a trade with any interested team.

The Phillies have finally begun their rebuilding process, and did so by sending their biggest trade chip, Cole Hamels, to the Texas Rangers. Now it appears that they're ready to take the next step, which could involve sending Chase Utley away before the end of the season.

Utley hasn't had the best overall season, as he's produced an ISO of just .104, a wOBA of .242, and a measly wRC of 49. However he just returned from the disabled list, and teams will be watching intently to see how he plays over the next week or so. According to Jim Salisbury, the Cubs, Angels, and Yankees have all expressed some level of interest in Utley, but it's the Giants who are the most serious. Joe Panik is their primary second baseman, but he's experiencing lower back inflammation, and has been on the DL since August 3rd.

Salisbury also noted that "The Giants had a scout in San Diego for the entire Phillies series and sources tell that the scout was indeed keeping tabs on Utley."  The Giants could be incredibly attractive if they come calling, as they're still in contention, and he and his family live in the San Francisco area during the offseason.

The Phillies are set to play the Diamondbacks for the next two days, then are off to Milwaukee for a three game set. It's not clear how serious certain teams are, but it's safe to assume that there will be a lot of eyes on the Phillies All-Star second baseman over the coming week.