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Is Washington's Trea Turner being prepared for a call-up?

The shortstop has proven himself as a capable hitter in the minor leagues, and could be getting ready.

As the Nationals continue to spiral out of control, and lose their ground in the NL East race, questions about the team's future have started to fly around. Matt Williams' job security is seemingly on the line, as the team has gone 4-12 since August started, and have dipped below .500. Their GM, Mike Rizzo, is undoubtedly hard at work to attempt to fix his team's issues, and he might look to Trea Turner to help their offensive woes.

While his natural position is at shortstop, Ian Desmond has come on as of late, an he's hitting .296/.356/.556 with an ISO of .259, a wOBA of .391, and a wRC+ of 152. He's one of the few players that's driving in runs, and he's no longer a candidate to lose playing time; however they could desperately use help at second base. In 88 PA's between Danny Espinosa, Dan Uggla, and Anthony Rendon, they've collectively hit .190/.273/.342.

With almost no production coming from that position, the Nationals seem to be getting ready to make a move, which could involve Turner.

It's possible that this is a coincidence, but being that Chase Utley is the only notable player available for trade (although according to Ruben Amaro he's staying put), it doesn't seem likely that this is merely Turner getting work at a new position.

For now, this is just speculation, but it's certainly something to keep an eye on. If the Nationals can't turn things around, and their group of second baseman fail to start hitting, Turner's line of .299/.342/.412 might start to become mightily attractive.