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Frank Wren 'leading candidate' for Red Sox GM job

Ben Cherington stepped down when Dave Dombrowski was hired, leaving the Red Sox without a General Manager.

Frank Wren will likely become the next General Manager of The Boston Red Sox. Ben Cherington stepped down after the club hired Dave Dombrowski as president of baseball operations, and according to CBS Sports' Jon Heyman, Wren is the "leading candidate" to become Boston's next GM.

Wren and Dombrowski both worked with the Marlins' front office in the 1990s and Heyman adds even if Wren is not hired as the next GM, Dombrowski is expected to give him a position within the organization.

Wren was dismissed by the Braves late in 2014 and reportedly met with Dombrowski in July when the Rays hosted the Tigers. Dombrowski was subsequently released from his contract by the Tigers and the Red Sox acted quickly, hiring him on Tuesday night.

Both Dombrowski and Wren are known to be open to dealing prospects in exchange for major league talent and a partnership would likely make sense. The Red Sox, who have struggled within the American League East throughout 2015, have pieces that can be moved. Over the last few seasons, Boston has been hesitant to move top prospects.

With Dombrowski and Wren in the front office, the Marlins won a World Series title in 1997. Wren was named Atlanta's GM in 2007.

Since Al Avila signed a five-year deal to become the Tigers' GM and John Westhoff was promoted shortly after he departed, Dombrowski might not have many options to choose from. A reunion with Wren remains likely as the Red Sox appear set to head in a different direction.