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Mets place waiver claim on Mark Rzepczynski

Just a day after it being reported that the Mets weren't making another trade, they have made a claim on a reliever.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: The Mets have apparently made multiple waiver claims on relievers, with one of them being Padres LHP Mark Rzepczynski. New York will now try to work out a deal for the left-hander, though the timeline for a trade is unknown at this time.

The New York Mets have made a waiver claim on an unknown reliever, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports and Adam Rubin of ESPN.

New York has made a number of reliever trades this season, dating back to the spring when they brought in Alex Torres and Jerry Blevins on the same day. Since the start of the season, they brought in Tyler Clippard and Eric O'Flattery to help a struggling bullpen.

The team could let the player in question go to the Mets, but it appears that they are trying to work out a trade in order to get something in return for this mystery reliever.

It's unclear how advanced the talks are, and who the players involved are. But the Mets are clearly trying to upgrade their biggest weakness right now.