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Pirates injury update: A.J. Burnett could pitch for Pittsburgh this season

A.J. Burnett was not optimistic that there was any life left in his right arm, but after getting an MRI, the news was better than he was expecting.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

AJ Burnett made it very clear that he would not undergo surgery to continue his career. However, he said if "It's just a matter of doing enough treatment and doing it where it's tolerable again and building up some pain tolerance so I can stay on the mound in the stretch run", he would have no qualms about doing that.

Fortunately for Burnett and the Pirates, it seems that's going to be the case, as the tests he underwent didn't show any structural damage.

It's no secret that Burnett has become seriously attached to the Pirates, and wants to end his career on a high note with the franchise. There's no timetable on when Burnett might rejoin the rotation, or how long he'll be working to build up that pain tolerance and come up with a plan to be able to loosen up his arm before his starts.

Update: Burnett should be able to return at some point in early September, barring any setbacks.