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Full list of every player placed on revocable waivers

A tracker where you can find exactly where each August trade candidate stands in terms of the waiver system.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Once the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline passes, teams may only trade players if they have cleared revocable trade waivers or been claimed off of waivers. If a player is claimed, his team may do one of three things: pull him back off waivers and keep him for the remainder of the season, trade him to the claiming team for negotiated compensation, or award the player to the claiming team without compensation. If a player clears waivers, the team can trade him to any team in the league. Most players are placed on waivers during August, and only a few get leaked out to the public. Don't read too much into a player's placement on waivers--it rarely means much.

Here's where we will keep track of all of the waiver wire movement this August:

Placed on revocable trade waivers (unknown if they cleared or not):

8/6 -- Rusney Castillo (Red Sox)
8/6 -- Jackie Bradley Jr. (Red Sox)
8/6 -- Brock Holt (Red Sox)
8/6 -- Craig Breslow (Red Sox)
8/6 -- Justin Masterson (Red Sox)
8/6 -- Matt Kemp (Padres)
8/7 -- Kyle Lohse (Brewers)
8/28 -- Darren O'Day (Orioles)

Cleared waivers (eligible to be traded to any team):

8/10 -- James Shields (Padres)
8/14 -- Jose Reyes (Rockies)
8/17 -- John Axford (Rockies)
8/17 -- Edward Mujica (Athletics)
8/17 -- David Aardsma (Braves)
8/18 -- Dexter Fowler (Cubs)
8/29 -- Hanley Ramirez (Red Sox)
8/29 -- Pablo Sandoval (Red Sox)
8/29 -- Starlin Castro (Cubs)
8/29 -- Aaron Harang (Phillies)

Claimed off waivers and may be traded within 48-hour window:

8/29 -- Mark Rzepczynski (Padres) -- claimed by Mets

Claimed off waivers and pulled back (won't be traded this month):

8/11 -- Yasiel Puig (Dodgers) -- claimed by unknown team
8/18 -- Ian Kennedy (Padres) -- claimed by unknown team
8/18 -- Joaquin Benoit (Padres) -- claimed by unknown team
8/29 -- Francisco Rodriguez (Brewers) -- claimed by unknown team
8/29 -- Craig Kimbrel (Padres) -- claimed by unknown team
8/31 -- David Robertson (White Sox) -- claimed by Yankees

Traded or awarded via waiver claim:

8/3 -- Danny Valencia (Athletics) -- awarded via claim from Blue Jays
8/4 -- Eric O'Flaherty (Mets) -- acquired via trade from Athletics after clearing waivers
8/7 -- Nick Swisher (Braves) -- acquired via trade from Indians
8/7 -- Michael Bourn (Braves) -- acquired via trade from Indians
8/7 -- Chris Johnson (Indians) -- acquired via trade from Braves
8/7 -- Mike Napoli (Rangers) -- acquired via trade from Red Sox
8/8 -- Oliver Perez (Astros) -- acquired via trade from Diamondbacks
8/8 -- Cliff Pennington (Blue Jays) -- acquired via trade with Diamondbacks
8/18 -- Will Venable (Rangers) -- acquired via trade with Padres
8/18 -- Jon Edwards (Padres) -- acquired via trade with Rangers
8/19 -- Chase Utley (Dodgers) -- acquired via trade with Phillies
8/20 -- Marlon Byrd (Giants) -- acquired via trade with Reds
8/21 -- Michael Choice (Indians) -- acquired via trade with Rangers
8/21 -- Neal Cotts (Twins) -- acquired via trade with Brewers
8/27 -- Fernando Rodney (Cubs) -- acquired via trade with Mariners
8/29 -- Addison Reed (Mets) -- acquired via trade with Diamondbacks
8/31 -- Austin Jackson (Cubs) -- acquired via trade with Mariners
8/31 -- Jonny Gomes (Royals) -- acquired via trade with Braves
8/31 -- Alejandro De Aza (Giants) -- acquired via trade with Red Sox