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How confident are you in your MLB general manager?

The results of our first ever GM Confidence Poll are in!

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, we put a survey in the field, asking you to rate how confident you were in your favorite team's front office on a scale of one to five, with five being most confident. Over 1500 of you responded. Thank you for taking the time, and thank you to the SBNation site managers who helped promote it.

Ratings were higher than I expected them, with the mean individual vote being 3.7 on a five point scale. This tracks nicely with the overall ratings of each of our GMs, the mean for which was 3.8 and the median 3.5. Overall, it's an indication that many fans are relatively comfortable with the decision making teams in place for their favorite franchises. And given how much people like me like to complain about poor decision making, it's interesting that you seem more optimistic on the whole.

In the end, the Cubs and the Astros finished in a virtual tie for the top spot, with their fanbases each rating them at just a shade under 4.9 out of 5.0. This isn't terribly surprising. Both clubs are run by exceptionally smart people, with excellent reputations, and are competitive a year ahead of schedule. It's easy to buy into that. To no one's surprise, the Marlins finished dead last, as every single respondent rated their confidence in Mike Berger at one. The other day, Mike Hill, President of Baseball Operations for the Marlins, said that he "would hope our fans are educated enough to see what we're doing here." Rest assured, Mike. They are.

One quick note. In the middle of all of this, the Tigers fired GM Dave Dombrowski and replaced him with Al Avila. Respondents were universally confident in Dombrowski. Less so, but optimistic in Avila, but with a much smaller sample size.

Ok, let's get going:

Angels - Bill Stoneman

My rating: 4

An old school GM, for sure, but in nine previous seasons built the Angels into four time playoff team and one-time World Champion. The Angles also made the postseason in the two years after he left. He also had a good deadline.

Your rating: 2.6

"He just re-started for us.  But I am too young to remember him as a GM. I can only go based off of what others have shared, not off of what I know. Therefore, I am neither confident nor unconfident.  Just disappointed that a GM I was confident in has left my favorite team." - Anonymous

Astros - Jeff Lunhow

My rating: 5

Living every fantasy baseball owner's dream, Lunhow completely tore down the Astros and rebuilt them into a playoff team in his image, and excelled at the trade deadline when he upgraded his club's rotation and outfield for both the short and long term.

Your rating: 4.9

"Luhnow brought over his expertise from the Cardinals and rebuilt the Astros from the ground up. This trade deadline he proved his worth in making deals for great players and not giving up Mark Appel or any of the other top prospects for the Astros." - @travall12

Athletics - Billy Beane

My rating: 4

No one can turn over a team quite like Billy Beane, but over the last 365 days, the Oakland A's are 67-91, and his offseason moves have yet to pay dividends.

Your rating: 3.8

"A track record of good teams and regular season success, but a growing disconnect with fans after the Cespedes, Donaldson trades." - A'sIn

Blue Jays - Alex Anthopoulos

My rating: 3

I like what he did at the trade deadline, and it certainly looks like the Jays are on their way to at least their first Wild Card win under AA. In his six previous seasons at the helm, however, the Jays finished 30 games under .500, and were teetering on the verge of irrelevance again before his big trades.

Your rating: 4.5

"He understands this teams window for winning will never be as strong as it is right now. If we lose they will put his head on a platter, but it takes gusto to go all in when the time is right. The time is right now, there is no point in always being a bridesmaid." - @JonnyWright86

Braves - John Hart

My rating: 3

Hart pioneered giving young players long term extensions and is less than a year into his return to the big chair. His moves to acquire young talent have been impressive and the Braves are on better footing now than when he took over. But speculation is that, at 67, he's only keeping the seat warm for John Coppolella.

Your rating: 4.2

"I like a lot of the moves Hart makes, but certainly not all of them. Mostly, I trust that he can do well again because he built the '90s Indians." - Anonymous

Brewers - Doug Melvin

My rating: 2

Melvin has been around since 2003, and did succeed in building the Brewers into a playoff team a couple of times, and struggled to keep them relevant. But under Melvin, Milwaukee only has four winning seasons in those 13 years. He did fine at the deadline, but nothing in Melvin's track record suggests he can build a successful franchise.

Your rating: 3.9

Melvin gets a lot of flak for supposedly settling for mediocrity. The Gomez trade proved to me that he's willing to sacrifice some approval from casual fans to make a serious attempt at winning. Of course, we can't know exactly how much of that decision-making is Melvin and how much of it is Attanasio, but I'm impressed with the poise and (moderate) success they've brought to this small-market team. - Pitches Brew

Cardinals - John Mozeliak

My rating: 4

The Cardinals have been a model organization on the field, but the recent chaos of the "hacking" scandal within the front office and a farm system that seems to be running dry suggest that things might not be as idyllic as they appear.

Your rating: 4.5

"Cardinals have had sustained success and keep continuing to pump out great prospects year after year while finding and maximizing veteran free agents." - amos.murphy

Cubs - Jed Hoyer

My rating: 5

Of course you can't separate Hoyer from Theo Epstein, but the Cubs are a year ahead of schedule and still have a ton of talent in the minors and superfluous guys in the majors to deal. The Cubs are positioned to be great for years to come.

Your rating: 4.9

"Hoyer and Epstein have rarely slipped up in their complete overhaul of the Cubs' baseball ops (the business side has been considerably hairier)....They've acquired top-flight talent throughout the organization and through a variety of means, with the most skilled and most mature of those players already having success at the major league level, a year earlier than most expected." - snowyman28

Diamondbacks - Dave Stewart

My rating: 2

I honestly don't know. Stewart has been on the job for less than a year, and has successfully gotten rid of Mike Trumbo for some legitimately interesting guys. Getting Robbie Ray was a great move. But then he gave away Touki Touissant for nothing.  I'd give him an "Incomplete" if I could.

Your rating: 2.7

"Confidence comes from the fact he isn't Kevin Towers." - @ahuddart

Dodgers - Farhan Zaidi

My rating: 5

Obviously, it helps to have no budget restrictions to speak of, but Zaidi and Andrew Friedman have been exceedingly creative in acquiring talent internationally and via trade that they couldn't get through free agency. We haven't seen any major mistakes yet, but someday there will be some kind of upper limit imposed, and we may start to see cracks.

Your rating: 4.6

"How much is Farhan actually doing? How much is Friedman doing? My front office confidence is 5, I just don't know what to attribute to "GM"." - Kreitz

Giants - Bobby Evans

My rating: 5

I didn't remember for the longest time that Brian Sabean isn't the GM anymore, but he is the puppet master, and until the Giants start to falter it's hard not to feel supremely secure about their decision makers.

Your rating: 4.5

"Been with the team for a long time and as the AGM for Sabean for most of that time. He's had a lot of responsibility in the past and his pickup of Mike Leake showed he knows what he's doing." - Anonymous

Indians - Chris Antonetti

My rating: 3

Antonetti has helped the Indians to a couple winning seasons before 2015 and cobbled together a very strong, strikeout-oriented pitching staff, but has seen several of his bigger moves, such as acquiring Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher, backfire in a big way.

Your rating: 2.8

"We almost always win trades but haven't every been able to show we can spend money responsibly on Free Agents to put us over the top or win a trade from a "buying" perspective." - Anonymous

Mariners - Jack Zdurienczik

My rating: 1

A couple good moves doesn't plaster over a truly weird team-building strategy and two winning seasons in seven tries. Plus, there are serious concerns about Jack Z's management style.

Your rating: 1.6

"Zdurienczik has not built up the farm system as was hoped when he was hired.  His draft picks have not turned out well and any talent in the minors has had to be promoted prematurely to the majors." - cjdahl60

Marlins - Mike Berger

My rating: 2

There's no real way to know if Berger is capable of building the Marlins into a contending team. We do know that there's almost no way that Jeffrey Loria is going to let him, so it really doesn't matter. Still, I'd bet on no.

Your rating: 1

"I didn't even know Mike Berger was supposedly the GM." - Anonymous

Mets - Sandy Alderson

My rating: 4

Alderson has assembled a really fantastic looking pitching staff for now and into the future and has the Mets on the verge of the postseason in spite of their offensive woes. His deadline deals did a lot to address that problem as well without giving up essential young players. And he's worked on a relative shoestring budget.

Your rating: 3.6

"It's hard to know what to feel about the Mets front office. Alderson's had a lot of hits, especially through trades (Wheeler, this trade deadline) and some misses (Cuddyer). However, who knows who he would've sigend if there actual financial support. I think he's done well, but I can only feel so confident with the Wilpons in charge." - @gregsasso

Nationals - Mike Rizzo

My rating: 4

Rizzo put together a star studded team that has been hit hard by injuries in 2015. It's hard to fault him for that, however, and he's working on his fourth straight winning season at the helm of the Nats. His long term deals to Zimmerman and Werth are difficult to bear.

Your rating: 3.9

"In general, I think Rizzo makes great moves that work out for the Nats. He got Matt Thornton off waivers in 2014, convinced Detroit to give up Doug Fister for Steve Lombardozzi, and turned Steven Souza, Jr. into Trea Turner and Joe Ross. I think this year, in 2015, he could have done more at the deadline to solidify the bullpen aside from ruffling feathers and getting Papelbon, but I look forward to seeing what he does in August to surprise everyone." - Anonymous

Orioles - Dan Duquette

My rating: 4

Given that he was, literally, the last person anyone wanted for the job, Duquette has had a surprisingly great run as the GM of the O's. His club is poised to have its fourth straight winning season, and perhaps its third playoff appearance since he took over prior to 2012. He doesn't trade much, but has taken advantage of free agents who fall through the cracks.

Your rating: 3.6

"We never jeopordize the future for a quick fix.... that was common place with late 90's/early 00's.... remember the Albert Belle fiasco!!!! Starting with Andy McPhail and now under the guidance of Duquette and Buck we finally have returned to "The Oriole Way" - @pigskinjunkie59

Padres - A.J. Preller

My rating: 1

His offseason moves didn't make sense, and his dear in the headlights act at the trading deadline has me worried that Preller, at the moment, can't build the Padres into a winner. Maybe he'll learn something from all this.

Your rating: 3.5 (seriously?)

"Can't judge him by one season if he keeps the team together for next year we will see. Trading them all made no sense after all the time to put the team together." - Anonymous

Phillies - Ruben Amaro Jr.

My rating: 2

Amaro built winning teams previously, but had no direction forward for this franchise for too long. His deadline performance, if it was his alone, was solid, but not enough to make up for driving Philadelphia into the ground.

Your rating: 1.9

"As a general manager, Ruben Amaro should have been the first person to see his team would need a rebuild. Instead, he was the last." - Anonymous

Pirates - Neal Huntington

My rating: 5

Huntington has put together an excellent team and the best era of Pirates baseball since the early 1990s. His ability to find useful pitchers for Ray Searage to fix is unparalleled, and his trade deadline performance has been excellent. And he's done it on a budget.

Your rating: 4.1

"His ability to find hidden value on the trade and free agent market has been unbelievable. The Pirates have a limited payroll but he and his scouts and executives have maximized value on the roster." - @TheWizOfOz11

Rangers - Jon Daniels

My rating: 3

I don't know. He had a legitimately great five year run from 2009-2013, but has taken a step back, largely due to injuries the last two years. Got rooked in the Prince Fielder trade, the Choo contract looks awful, and has had a lot of trouble building a pitching staff. But I like the Hamels deal.

Your rating: 3.9

"He has built a solid, resilient system from top to bottom. Got a frontline pitcher without gutting the farm. Hired a really good field manager. Works well with the media. Admits his mistakes and learns from them." @A_Lauern

Rays - Matt Silverman

My rating: 3

Another guy for whom we just don't have enough data yet. The Rays are in the midst of their second straight disappointing season after six straight excellent campaigns, but that's only after baseball gamed the free agent, draft, and international compensation systems in ways that specifically hurt the Ryas and clubs like them. Check back after another offseason to see if they can right the ship.

Your rating: 3.9

"Have mostly liked what I've seen from Silverman so far, and he worked hand-in-hand with Friedman throughout all the years of success, but can't say I'm very confident until I see him rebuild this team into a contender the way Friedman did." - Anonymous

Red Sox - Ben Cherington

My rating: 3

Yes, he won a World Series with Boston, but has surrounded it with awful seasons as their GM. This offseason's moves could not have turned out worse, with Pablo Sandoval, Rick Porcello, and Wade Miley scuffling, and Hanley Ramirez showing he's not fit to play in the outfield. Plus, I worry that their strong-looking farm system may be a mirage, after the struggles of Jackie Bradley and Rusney Castillo.

Your rating: 2.4

"Won a World Series yes. But we have stunk royally the last two seasons. Pitching has been a disaster. But the farm systems good right?" - @freethetinman

Reds - Walt Jocketty

My rating: 4

He helped nurse the Reds back to relevance from 2010-2013, and has a strong track record out of St. Louis. The last two years have been a bummer, but a strong deadline has infused the club with young players to supplement a mature core. Choosing to extend Bailey over Cueto was a huge mistake, and extensions to unproductive players like Brandon Phillips are not helping.

Your rating: 2.7

"Reds have greatly fallen behind the rest of the division, and most of baseball, with the use of analytics as an additional tool for personnel choices. Team is being built around an outdated model." - @WoooooTheReds

Rockies - Jeff Bridich

My rating: 1

Did little of consequence over the offseason, and went into battle with a truly awful pitching staff. The Tulowitzki trade was solid, but then made a mistake in not trying to flip Jose Reyes. The jury is still out, but it isn't looking good.

Your rating: 2.7

"Jeff Bridich traded Troy Tulowitzki, but has yet to commit to a full rebuild and the team is just in a weird limbo between rebuilding and just doing nothing." - @nlckstephens

Royals - Dayton Moore

My rating: 4

Once a punchline, Moore has rebounded to build perhaps the best team in baseball. A strong deadline brought him two crucial pieces for relatively little cost, and he seems to have out analyzed the analysts in understanding how to build an excellent defensive team and flawless bullpen to minimize their shortcomings on the mound.

Your rating: 4.5

"Dayton has made some iffy decisions (see Guthrie's contract and Jason Vargas) but he made some key acquistions at the trade deadline to improve the team and has earned the benefit of the doubt." - @JeffBridges34

Tigers - Dave Dombrowski/Al Avila

My rating: 4/3

Dombrowski's firing came down just as we put this survey in the field. He was exceptionally accomplished, save for his ability to build a bullpen. We simply don't know enough about Avila at this point.

Your rating: 4.6/3.5

"Avila has learned from one of the best GMs in baseball for over a decade and there is no way that doesn't pay off somehow. Only time will tell if he will be like Dombrowski or just an average GM." - donnythunder119

Twins - Terry Ryan

My rating: 3

In his return, Ryan has demonstrated that he still can draft and develop special talent. His ability to leverage that talent, however, remains very much in doubt given his lackluster offseason decisions, his fetishizing of veteran pitchers, and his poor performance at the trade deadline.

Your rating: 2.9

"Terry Ryan has done great things in his two tours as the Twins GM, and while I like his off-season aggressive talent acquisition, he frequently targets middle tier guys to save money and ultimately at the expense of winning. The Pohlads have expressed their willingness to spend, but TR refuses to pull the trigger. He's playing 1995 baseball with 2015 money." - @baseallpirate

White Sox - Rick Hahn

My rating: 2

I really liked his moves this past offseason, and still do, even though they didn't remotely work out. A crushing lack of depth has left them unable to weather the gaping offensive holes at catcher, second base, shortstop, and third base. In three seasons at the helm, the Sox have yet to crack .500.

Your rating: 3.1

"I like Rick Hahn, but I feel like he gets hampered by Kenny Williams, who is only employed because owner Jerry Reinsdorf values loyalty over results." - @kwallace23

Yankees - Brian Cashman

My rating: 3

With his unlimited payroll, Cashman did little wrong. But operating now within financial constraints, he's had difficulty upgrading the rotation and the infield when he's needed to. His inaction at this trade deadline was pretty inexcusable.

Your rating: 4

"Cashman seems to be taking more ownership of the decision-making process now that the owners are backing off a bit. A host of shrewd moves (McCarthy trade, Headley trade, Didi trade) and a new emphasis on building from within show that a new mindset is taking hold in the Bronx." - @StelliniTweets

Here are the raw results of the poll data:

Team Mean Rating Respondents
Cubs 4.9 28
Astros 4.9 14
Tigers (Dombrowski) 4.6 25
Dodgers 4.6 17
Royals 4.5 43
Giants 4.5 27
Cardinals 4.5 25
Blue Jays 4.5 238
Braves 4.2 14
Pirates 4.1 12
Yankees 3.9 105
Rays 3.9 65
Rangers 3.9 14
Nationals 3.9 14
Brewers 3.9 24
Athletics 3.8 393
Orioles 3.6 10
Mets 3.6 17
Tigers (Avila) 3.5 6
Padres 3.5 16
White Sox 3.1 15
Twins 2.9 25
Indians 2.8 32
Rockies 2.7 6
Reds 2.7 68
Diamondbacks 2.7 31
Angles 2.6 176
Red Sox 2.5 33
Phillies 1.9 13
Mariners 1.6 22
Marlins 1.0 8