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Corey Seager won't be called up, yet

One of the Dodgers' über prospects won't be called up to help for the stretch run, at least immediately.

While Corey Seager won't be among the first group of minor leaguers called upon by the Dodgers to help for the final month of the season, he could eventually find himself in the majors.

Seager got off to an impressive start in AA this year, posting a slash line of .365/.407/.675, which prompted many experts to think that he'd make his debut with the Dodgers at some point this summer. His bat has cooled somewhat in AAA, but even still, Seager has posted a slash line of .276/.329/.448 with a wOBA of .341, and a wRC+ of 104. FanGraphs has projected his future value as 65, and there's little doubt that Seager will produce at the major league level.

Most people in the industry, including Corey's brother, Kyle, have said that he's the better of the Seager brothers.

"He pretty much does everything that I'm doing, but just a little better. He's bigger, stronger, faster, he runs better. He's good. He's going to do a lot of really good things in this game."

Seager likely wouldn't be thrust into a starting role if he were called up, but he could provide the Dodgers some flexibility at shortstop, as Jimmy Rollins hasn't performed well all year. As of this writing, the Dodgers have a 4.5 game lead on the Giants, but if they were to slide into a losing streak, and the team needed an offensive boost, the front office could call upon Seager to help push them in the right direction.