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Could Paul DePodesta step back into the role of GM?

Paul DePodesta, one of the original executives associated with Moneyball, could draw interest from teams that need a GM.

With more than a few teams actively looking for a new general manager, a lot of names are going to pop up as potential suitors for the various positions that are available. One person that has seemingly been absent from rumors this season, and in years past, is Paul DePodesta.

DePodesta is currently with the Mets as the vice-president of player development and scouting, and was famously a huge part of the "Moneyball" renaissance with the Oakland A's. He later went on to become the GM of the Dodgers in 2004, but was fired after the 2005 season due to a subpar record of 71-91.

Despite what became a rocky tenure in Los Angeles, DePodesta has done a fantastic job in New York, and is one of the reasons for their recent success.

"[Sandy] Alderson wanted one person to oversee the Mets' amateur drafts, farm system, and international program, with the idea of establishing consistency throughout the organization. DePodesta has been that person for nearly five years; he has always enjoyed rebuilding."

According to Ken Rosenthal, there are some within the industry that view DePodesta as the successor to Alderson, who is under contract through 2017. However "nothing would stop a club in search of a GM from asking permission to interview him now."

The Brewers, Angels, Red Sox, Mariners, and Phillies are all looking for a new GM, and with the Mets' recent revival, DePodesta could be a popular target to lead a team in a new direction.