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Greg Holland won't be used in 'high-leverage situations' if possible

The former member of the three headed monster is no longer the Royals closer, or a go to option in important situations.

Yesterday we learned that Wade Davis was taking over the closer role for the Royals, as Greg Holland has struggled over the last two months, and is currently dealing with an elbow problem. Since August first, he's posted an ERA of 5.54, a BB/9 of 5.54, and with Davis in the bullpen, they simply don't need to force the issue.

While at first it seemed that his demotion was just so that Davis could take over as closer, that's not the case.

Holland has been bumped down quite a few pegs on the bullpen chain, and if possible, he won't be used at all in situations in which the other team has a high likelihood of scoring runs. It's been well documented that Holland's fastball has lost quite a bit of steam, and on September 15th, it was sitting between 87-89 MPH.

The Royals have the sixth best reliever fWAR according to FanGraphs, and should be just fine even without a dominant Holland.

Update: Thanks to everyone who pointed out my incredibly obvious mistake that Joe Blanton is 100% no longer with the team.