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MLB Daily Dish Podcast: The Rosterbatorical Episode 1

The first edition of the MLB Daily Dish weekly podcast.

After months of planning and putting it all together, the MLB Daily Dish team is excited to offer the first episode of our podcast, entitled the Rosterbatorical, to the baseball world.

This week's episode brings myself, alongside Matt Goldman and the newly-dubbed (Editor/Mike's note: against his will) "Emperor of Hot Takes" Mike Bates together to talk baseball, and have some fun.

For this week's topics we talked about Matt Harvey and the possibility that the Mets could trade him in the future. Then, with the playoffs right around the corner, we went back and examined the trade deadline and discussed which teams put themselves in the best possible position for the postseason. And Matt talks about one team that he thinks made a huge impact on the playoffs, and it may surprise you.

That, and whole lot more, as we present to you the first edition of this weekly podcast. And, hey, we want your feedback. If there's a topic you want us to cover, leave it in the comments below and we will try our best to get it in the next show.

You can listen to the show through the Blog Talk Radio player below or download the episode and take it on the go.

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