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MLB World Series odds: Blue Jays are still the favorites

Bovada has released their updated odds, and the Blue Jays are still top dog

We're now just a couple weeks away from the end of the 2015 regular season, and as such Bovada has released another set of updated odds for the World Series. The Blue Jays and Royals are still at the top of the list, but there's been some movement among the other teams.

It should also be noted that as more than a few teams have been mathematically eliminated, this list is noticeably shorter than their previous iterations. Bovada has also left off clubs like the Giants and Nationals, who are still technically in the race for playoff baseball, but don't have a great chance to make it past the regular season.

Team Current Odds Odds on 8/31/15
Blue Jays 4/1 4/1
Royals 11/2 5/1
Dodgers 6/1 8/1
Mets 6/1 9/1
Cardinals 6/1 8/1
Rangers 9/1 66/1
Cubs 10/1 14/1
Pirates 10/1 16/1
Yankees 14/1 12/1
Astros 25/1 12/1
Angels 33/1 18/1
Twins 33/1 50/1

Of all the teams on the list, no one has made a bigger jump than the Rangers, who on August 31st were 66/1 long shots. On that date, Texas had a record of 68-62 (.523), and were 4.0 games back of the Astros in the AL West. Today however, they're 82-69 (.543), and hold a 3.0 game lead over Houston.

While the National League playoff teams have essentially already been decided, the American League still has a lot up for grabs. The first and second place teams in the East and West are separated by no more than 3.5 games, and as of now there are four teams within 4.5 games of the second wild card spot. The final two weeks should be filled with plenty of drama, and we could finally see a day of multiple tie breakers.