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Giants want to keep Marlon Byrd in 2016

San Francisco is pleased with Byrd's ability to produce consistently since he joined the club.

Marlon Byrd has yet to comment on his future but the Giants want him around for at least another season. Byrd has been productive since joining the Giants, and according to Henry Schulman of The San Francisco Chronicle, the club has interest in bringing him back in 2016.

The deal Byrd initially signed with the Phillies includes an $8 million option for 2016, but Byrd might not want to even be a piece off the bench at 39. The option vests automatically if Byrd reaches 550 plate appearances this season, and he is currently at 513.

If San Francisco did not let him play every day for the rest of the season, there is a good chance he falls short. However, if the Giants are indeed interested in retaining him, allowing him to hit 550 appearances would not require a decision.

Hunter Pence will be healthy heading into 2016, and as a result, Byrd would likely become the Giants' fourth outfielder. There is a chance Byrd explores other options if he has a desire to start. The Giants are expected to add pitching depth this winter, and as a result they might not want to spend $8 million on a backup outfielder.

San Francisco has not had an issue re-signing players in the past. Pence, Sergio Romo, Tim Lincecum, Jake Peavy and Marco Scutaro are among the Giants who were either extended or re-signed as free agents during recent off seasons.

Byrd, 38, has posted a .250/.296/.454 batting line to complement 22 home runs and 69 RBIs through 128 games this season. He continues to be a power threat offensively and has not hit fewer than 20 home runs since 2011, when he was a member of the Cubs outfield.

Regardless of whether his option is automatically applied, the Giants want to retain Byrd and he will likely be on their roster in 2016.