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Freddie Freeman likely done for 2015

The Braves first baseman won't start any of the remaining five games, and might not play again this season.

On June 16th, Braves All-Star first baseman Freddie Freeman took an awkward swing, and injured his wrist. He returned from the disabled list on July 25th, and while he was still an above average hitter, Freeman clearly didn't resemble the player he was before the injury.

Pre-injury 283 12 41 .299 .367 .520 .378 141
Post-injury 195 6 25 .244 .374 .400 .345 119

Freeman experienced a drop in production in every category except OBP. Unfortunately it seems that his wrist is still an issue, and as a result, he won't be in the starting lineup tonight, or for Atlanta's remaining five games.

While Freeman will be available as a pinch hitter, the Braves aren't playing for anything other than draft pick positioning, and it might be in everyone's best interests for him to sit out the remainder of the season.

He's signed through the 2021 season, and is owed $118.5 million over the next six years. Wrist injuries are notoriously difficult to recover from, especially for power hitters, and considering how valuable Freeman is to their future, it would be wise to hold him back. While five extra days likely won't have a huge effect on his wrist, it could be devastating if he caused any further damage to it trying to play through the discomfort.