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Justin Upton not interested in signing a one-year deal

Despite earlier reports that Justin Upton could be interested in a one-year deal, that's simply not the case.

Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

While there hasn't been much news about where Justin Upton will eventually land, a popular rumor surrounding the free-agent outfielder has been about the possibility of him taking a one-year deal. It was an intriguing idea, as Upton could likely land a higher AAV on a one-year contract than a long-term deal, and he would then re-enter free-agency as the top outfield option in a weak class.

As interesting as the possibility was, his agent put an end to those rumors today.

The market for the 28-year old outfielder is still unclear, and this news will likely further limit the number of teams interested in him.

The Giants were rumored to be considering Upton, but they signed Denard Span to a three-year deal worth a guaranteed $31 million. The White Sox and Mets have also been connected to Upton, but both clubs are reportedly reluctant to offer any of the remaining outfielders a long-term deal.

Since 2009, Upton has consistently been one of the league's best offensive outfielders. His career slash line is .271/.343/.467, and he's produced a wOBA of .357, along with a wRC+ of 121. Whichever team ultimately signs Upton will be getting a premier offensive player, still in the prime of his career.