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AL East Notes: Blue Jays advance to ALCS, A-Rod hints at potential return

Check out what’s happening in the American League East

Division Series - Texas Rangers v Toronto Blue Jays - Game Three Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The Toronto Blue Jays are en route to the American League Championship Series by way of sweeping the Rangers. The third game of the series was a 10-inning nail biter that makes everyone remember that big bats are great but smart baserunning has the power to change the tide.

When Hurricane Matthew canceled baseball in Washington on Saturday, rather than let baseball fans across America be disappointed, the FOX Sports crew put on an hour of analysis anyway (even though I’m pretty sure we all would have been cool without it). In that hour, said baseball fans became even more confused with Alex Rodriguez gave an ambiguous answer about the future of his career. So does that mean we can look forward to more A-Rod base running?

The Yankees always seem to be on the losing end of very strange games that involve walk offs, rouge birds, and Big Papis. These are some of those games that ended up turning out okay for the Bronx Bombers. Baseball is weird, man.

Is Alex Colome the closer that the 2017 Rays need but don’t deserve? Well, maybe. But regardless, his job could be on lock for next season, finally winking at some consistency in the Rays roster.

The Saturday Red Sox v Indians ALDS game was also postponed to today due to raging hurricane. This break from the action gives both managers time to marinate on the past two games (Cleveland being up 2-0) and what to do for the best outcome. Or their having a really intense Monopoly tournament. Both Terry Francona and John Farrell are mental managers, so can they out manage each other? When did this become a giant mind game? Is this the baseball version of Stranger Things? My head hurts.

If you’re an Orioles fan still harping on Buck Showalter’s brain fart of not playing Zach Britton, it’s fine. Take all the time you need, really. Just not too much time, because there are more big problems to be solved come the offseason (and no, “where to find the best voodoo doll” isn’t on the list).

Speaking of which, maybe we should all stop scapegoating Showalter and focus our anger on a place where it is equally deserved: straight to Dan Duquette. Or maybe Orioles fans are just immune to mistakes at this point. I wonder how long it would take me to adapt to that trait.