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NL East 10/12: Syndergaard, Cabrera avoid surgery

The National League East or day time soap opera? You decide.

MLB: Miami Marlins at New York Mets Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the Dodgers forced a game five against the Nationals with an RBI single from Chase Utley. Pitching on very short rest, Kershaw had a rocky first two innings before regaining control and retiring the next 11 of 12 batters he faced. But the Nats fought back in the 7th, and Kershaw left the game with bases loaded. After Jayson Werth getting hit by a rouge pitch from Baez and forcing in a run, it looked like the Nats would soon be popping the champagne. Clown assumption, bro.

The Mets didn’t have the prettiest ending to their season. It’s never a pleasure to lose in a one game playoff series and feels even worse at the hands of Madison Bumgarner. But things are looking up for the Metropolitans in the offseason. Both Noah Syndergaard and Asdrubal Cabrera will not need surgery. Syndergaard and Steven Matz both suffered from bone spurs this season, however Matz’s required immediate attention.

That makes Thor the only starting pitcher for the Mets that won’t be coming back after going under the knife. Cabrera went through the 2016 season with a strained patella tendon in his left knee. It was recently announced that this tendon will not require surgery much to the shortstop’s, fan’s, and all of Queens’ excitement. Hopefully this is the start of a line of healthy Mets players...fingers and toes crossed.

“Playoffs” and “Phillies” aren’t usually paired together as of recent years, unless the sentence is “The Phillies aren’t in the playoffs this year.” But instead of wallowing and and gritting teeth at all the other games going on in October, let’s take a moment to remember some of the best homers of Phillies postseason history. (One of our personal favorites is this Ryan Howard shots)

However, if you choose to live in the present and reject the happiness of the past, don’t worry, we have something for you too. Check out what future Phils are doing in the Arizona Fall League and start planning out you 2017 fantasy team rosters.

Ichiro is setting more milestones by the day, so let’s all take a moment to be quietly shocked. Need I say more?

After handing Fredi Gonzales his walking papers midseason, the Braves have officially chosen a new manager. Intern manager Brian Snitker was given the full time position, the team announced yesterday. Snitker was a safe choice, but a smart choice. The improvements made by Atlanta under his leadership were swift and affective, boosting the team’s morale as a whole. The Braves has also hired Chuck Hernandez as the club’s new pitching coach and Ron Washington as the third base coach.

Need to update your wardrobe for the offseason? That David Wright jersey beginning to emit a mysterious odor? Looking to be revered by your friends and strangers? The obvious next step is to buy this Yoenis Cespedes bat flip shirt. Just don’t forget us when you’re famous.