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MLB trade news and rumors for October 12th, 2016

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MLB: NLDS-Chicago Cubs at San Francisco Giants John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

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Rise and shine baseball fans! Last night, the Cubs came another step closer to breaking their 108 year old curse. Or did they—because there isn’t actually a curse at all? Do you buy into the lore or are you more of a cynic? Either way, San Fransisco fans across the nation have broken the rules of math, declaring that “2016” isn’t an even number. I guess that’s one way to cope, so take that Pythagorus.

Here’s a roundup of news around the American League West.

Now that the “Believe in Even” train has derailed and many are checking Mayan records to prove the year isn’t actually 2016, it’s time to analyze why the Giants failed to win this year’s NLDS.

“The San Francisco Giants didn’t just have bullpen issues in 2016. They had historic bullpen issues. So, it was only fitting their season came to an end thanks to another colossal bullpen failure.

San Francisco led the Chicago Cubs, 5-2, heading into the ninth inning. It was less than 24 hours after the Giants blew a ninth-inning lead. The Giants still managed to come away with a win on Monday. Not this time.”

On today’s installment of “Tim Tebow: Awesome Human, Subpar Baseball Player”, Teeb stayed by the side of a fan who was having a seizure after an Arizona Fall League game until the paramedics came. Why? Because he’s Tim Tebow and gosh dangit I’d give anything for him to be a great outfielder. I’m over Tebow being a Met, Tebow for president.

The Braves have officially named Brad Snitker their skipper, as per a team announcement yesterday morning. Snitker’s appointment comes with a wave of new coaches and front office staff. Snitker was named the interim manager when the Braves fired Fredi Gonzales midseason.

Stephen Strasburg cut off a bullpen session at 30-31 pitches yesterday, citing active discomfort. For the injury prone ace, this could mean more than sitting out what’s left of the postseason.

“Strasburg already has a rich injury history that includes Tommy John surgery. He was limited to 127.1 innings in 2015 and 147.2 in 2016—a vast decline from 215 in 2014. A seven year, $175 million extension certainly can be risky and in the case of Strasburg, could prove to be a problem down the line depending on the severity of the injury.”

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Today in baseball: On October 12th, 1988, NLCS MVP Orel Hershiser shuts out the Mets to win game seven. The monumental win puts the Dodgers into the World Series for the first time since 1981.

Question of the Day: Are we being too hard or too easy on Tim Tebow?