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AL East 10/16: Red Sox lose GM to Diamondbacks

See what’s going down in the American League East.

Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The season may be over for five out of the six teams in the AL East, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. And trust us, plenty is going down in lieu of baseball.

The Diamondbacks have stolen hired Red Sox general manager Mike Hazen to be their general manager and executive vice president. Does that big fancy title equate a lot of big fancy responsibilities? Doubtful.

“That “executive vice president” thing is just the Diamondbacks’ concession to this trend of title inflation. Hazen is a GM leaving to take over a GM role, but if you run the whole thing through the appropriate translations to get back to the old definitions, he’s an assistant GM leaving for a full GM role.”

Dustin Pedroia will underwent surgery on his left knee, officially christening the offseason for the Red Sox. Also breaking: the sky is blue.

We have officially confirmed that Chris Davis is not of this world. The Baltimore slugger has managed to have a pretty confusing WAR, amongst other things. No word yet if he hails from the same planet as Andrew Miller, we’re working ‘round the clock to find that out for you, folks. But let’s hope Odd Year Davis makes his grand return to 2017.

Also, let’s take a moment to remember this A+ Manny Machado play:

Speaking of’s a stat the Yankees are struggling with as well. It’s like someone could almost say that the players’ metrics...are at war (I’ll see myself out).

The Blue Jays are looking for a win tonight against the Indians after falling behind in the series, 2-0. The news doesn’t get better, with the loss of Devon Travis from the roster due to injury. His spot has been filled by Justin Smoak. But on a positive note, here’s a bunch of places to grab grub from in Toronto if you’re going to games 3-5 (and even if you aren’t).

Baseball America recently put out its list of top prospects per league. These lists all have a large common factor: they’re riddled with Rays prospects, particularly the Southern League. The seasons ahead of us are looking bright, my friends.

To help get you through this awful Monday, I offer you #PuigYourFriend, because Puig is always a good idea.