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NL West 10/20: Dodgers fall to Cubs, Mike Dee rumors continue

Check out all the news coming out of the National League Central.

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the Los Angeles Dodgers were blown away by the Cubs bats, bats that had been all but dormant this NLCS. Addison Russell and Anthony Rizzo, two players who’d contributed little to nothing on the offensive plane this postseason, combined for half of the Cubbie runs. Julio Urias had a strong start to the game, going three innings without allowing a hit. But then a series of errors, hits, and blown calls spiraled out of control. The Cubs capitalized on that with a five run sixth inning, and the rest is...the box score.

On a cheery note, Rich Hill is the player of corny baseball movie dreams and we’re so hear for it.

The Rockies are gearing up for a wave of young arms to step up to the plate...literally. Tom Murphy and Tony Wolters appear to be who Colorado will be turning to next season over veteran Nick Hundley. Hundley certainly adds to the team by being a pillar of wisdom, but his Called Strikes Above Average stat isn’t reflecting that experience.

Mike Dee did not have an eloquent dismissal from the Padres, nor did he deserve one.

But the drama hasn’t stopped, and as new details emerge about Dee’s firing, more questions need to be answered.

“The only issue was that no one could figure out why Dee was fired when just a few months earlier, as a response to the #FireMikeDee movement, lead Padres investor Peter Seidler gave Dee an “A” grade and a vote of confidence. He expected Dee to serve out his very long contract with the team. Something dramatic must have happened to change his mind and it wasn’t the going theory that Dee’s dismissal was “the accumulation of internal issues”, which probably still would be warranted but wasn’t the real reason.”

So what caused the sudden axing of Dee? Hopefully the offseason will give us some clarity (and a distraction from lack of baseball) on this issue.

Newly stolen christened Diamondbacks general manager Mike Hazen decided to bolster some brownie points among Arizona fans a few days ago. The former Red Sox GM took to the interwebs to answer questions submitted by Reddit and Twitter users. He also briefly discussed what he’s looking for in a manager for the Dbacks.

Could Gregor Blanco be parting ways with the Giants?

Blanco is a staple in the Giants’ experience and has consistently surpassed expectations. Hopefully this isn’t the end, but if it is, San Fransisco owes Blanco a huge thank you for always making the game a thrill ride.