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NL Central 10/25: Cubs, Cubs as far as the eye can see

See what’s happening in the Cubs League National League Central.

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NLCS - Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs - Game One Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Break out the Morton’s because a lot of people are being salty about the Cubs making it to the World Series. One of them being Washington State football coach Mike Leach, who says that there are too many Cubs fans.

“There’s some teams — the Cubs are one of them — where there’s just too many Cubs fans. They’re one of those teams that, for whatever reason — I guess it’s cause people like the way their uniforms look or something — every yuppie with a BMW or some special attachment to its computer or some designer set of jeans or something like that is a Cubs fan, and refers to it as ‘my Cubbies’....”

Hey Mike, I’d schedule a doctors appointment soon, ya know, to check out that hypertension.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on what it would be like if the Cubs had faltered in Game 6.

Wow, that was scary. On a positive note to recover from that, Kyle Schwarber will be on the roster for the Cubs for the series.

Next time I get hurt, I’d like to return to my job via private jet. Jeez.

Now onto to news that isn’t about the Cubs...(after you watch this Bill Murray video)

The Brewers are now entering Phase Two of their roster revamp: bumping up the talent that is already in the organization.

“The Brewers have only two departing free agents: veteran relievers Chris Capuano and Blaine Boyer. Neither seem like very strong candidates to return next season. Beyond those two, the Brewers maintain control of the rest the players on their active roster, with only two under guaranteed contracts: Matt Garza ($12.5 mil) and Ryan Braun ($19 mil). Therefore it’s rather likely next year’s squad closely resembles the 2016 iteration.”

Big moves are being made over in Pittsburg. The Pirates have fired third base coach Rick Sofield. This move was closely followed by the promoting of first base coach Nick Leyva to the Senior Advisor of Baseball Ops. This comes as a shock for next to no one, seeing as Sofield wasn’t a great third base coach in the least.

Kolten Wong had a rough season, this is no new hot take. However, lost amongst the rubble of his Fangraphs, is how much Wong improved at the plate. Take a peek at these stats and see for yourself.

While a good chunk of people will be zeroed in on the World Series, the Reds and Co. will be focusing on continuing to rebuild the team.

“Since that point, the team has asked for our patience in several other distinct ways, too. They asked for patience from fans as the team began that inevitable teardown, to acknowledge that it was neither plausible nor possible to trade every aging player all at once and still get the best value for each individual part. When Johnny Cueto was traded to the Kansas City Royals in July of 2015, GM Walt Jocketty intimated as much to The Enquirer’s C. Trent Rosecrans.”

As baseball fans, we worship a benevolent force, a loving force, a force with a strange and twisted sense of humors. And the God of Baseball said, “There isn’t enough drama in this World Series match up yet,” and so they put Joe West on the umpire crew.