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AL East 10/28: Orioles tasked with offering Matt Wieters a qualifying offer or not

Check out what’s happening in the American League East.

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The Yankees have their work cut out for them this winter. While the trades were smart, it does feel like rock salt in the gaping wound that both of the relievers the Yankees parted with at the trade deadline are now contending for a World Series ring. So what moves are out there, just ready to be made? Trading Brian McCann, for one.

At the end of season press conference, Ross Atkins took questions from the media, not really spilling the beans on anything Blue Jays fans didn’t already know. So instead of hitting you with burning hot takes, here’s what 2017 is already looking like for the Jays organization and roster.

What could be in store for Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion next season?

Could Jose Bautista be parting ways with the Blue Jays? Link in bio for more.

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The Orioles have a difficult task at hand when concerning qualifying offers and Matt Wieters.

“A year later, as a result of Wieters surprisingly accepting that offer, becoming one of the first players to ever do so, the Orioles find themselves facing the exact same question. Should they make Wieters a qualifying offer? If he accepts this time, he will cost them about $17 million for 2017.

The landscape has changed heading into this offseason. For one thing, ongoing contract negotiations between MLB and the players union mean that the qualifying offer may not even survive into the next Collective Bargaining Agreement. So all of this is assuming qualifying offers remain a part of the picture. Maybe they won’t, but hey, it’s an off day in the middle of the World Series and there’s nothing else to talk about, so let’s just go with it.”

Kevin Kiermaier has been nominated for a second Gold Glove in a row. He is very good at baseball. I’d like to miss nearly two months of anything and still get an award. His competition this year is Kevin Pillar and Jackie Bradly Jr, both worth foes.

The climate for Red Sox players who are possible free agents is...somewhat turbulent. Who do you think should be brought back and who do you think should be passed on?

Also, Boston’s a day late #TBT for ya: