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AL West Notes: Astros entire coaching staff to return next year, Joe West named AL Divisional Series crew chief

Let’s check out what’s going on in the American League West.

Houston Astros v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

We’ve all been waiting with bated breath for who will meet the Rangers in Arlington on Thursday. After an extra innings thriller full of bat flips and flying beer cans, the Blue Jays surpassed the Orioles, 3-2.

Before the Rangers and Blue Jays even take the field, drama could already be brewing. Joe West has been announced as the crew chief for the umpires officiating the American League Division Series. In case you’re unaware of West’s antics, he’s known for his bombastic calls and tendency to take the attention away from the game and onto him. Buster Onley isn’t a huge fan. This series is already going to be interesting.

The Rangers haven’t won the AL West two years in a row because they’re just lucky. Their amorphous roster has a lot to do with it.

Speaking of rosters, the Angels barely had one this year. The team suffered injuries like most other clubs went through bags of sunflower seeds. No, seriously, the Angels injuries were really that bad.

In a burst of good news, the Astros have announced that their entire coaching staff will be returning next year. Amongst a barrage of firings and front office musical chairs, the Astros can now take a deep breath instead of living in constant fear.

Are you ready for a massive rebuild? Who isn’t! The Athletics are shaping up to make all of those moves in the offseason and fill in all the cracks that some players fell through. On top of their young pitchers finding their grooves, 2017 could be Oakland’s year.

In case the thought of Seattle Mariners baseball makes you sad, I offer you this: the ballad of Brian J. Giles and a quick moment of self reflection.

And in case you needed to get any more paranoid about your team exiting the World Series race in a fiery ball of shame, let me offer you this: the absolute worst ways a team could lose in the playoffs (Hint: the Rangers’ isn’t pretty).