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NL East: Phillies acquire Clay Buchholz

Check out what’s going on in the National League East.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies have acquired Clay Buchholz from Boston in exchange for minor leaguer Josh Tobias. So now Philadelphia will be adding a player that no one is too excited about to their hoarder pile of other pitchers. But hey, a ten man rotation would be something, wouldn’t it?

Here’s what else is happening around the National League East:

  • To the chorus-like praises of Fish fans across the nation, it seems that Jeffery Loria may be selling the Miami Marlins. The hitch? He wants nearly double what the team is work. In related news, hey kid, wanna buy a bridge?
  • ICYMI: Braves GM John Coppolella broke Twitter with his #AskCoppy session, so take that Kim Kardash-a-whatever.
  • Will young Nationals pitcher Joe Ross be able to stay healthy for 2017? Mike Rizzo is hopeful (if that means anything to you).
  • The Mets are once again trying to patch up the hole they have in centerfield.
  • Brian Snitker: the manager sent from heaven to help the Braves or a casual placeholder that upper management was too lazy to find a replacement for?
  • Apparently the Nationals have established catchers being their “thing” this offseason, because they’re interested in Matt Wieters.