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AL Central: Twins could deal Dozier to Cardinals

Check out what’s going on in the American League Central.

Kansas City Royals v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The St. Louis Cardinals are in talks with the Minnesota Twins for Brian Dozier. The Dodgers, Giants, and Nationals are also after the slugger second baseman. We’re not gonna say “we told you so”, but rather just direct you attention to this story right here.

Here’s what other news is buzzing around the American League Central:

  • Signing Edwin Encarnacion is a pretty big deal. Here’s what Cleveland fans can expect out of him.
  • How are the White Sox going to handle Todd Frazier? Your guess is as good as anyone’s at this point.
  • Kansas City has been very active in bulking up their farm system, including signing Bobby Parnell to a minor league contract.
  • The holidays are a time to ask for completely outlandish but totally necessary baseball apparel and accessories. Get anything good? Share it with fellow fans here and gloat all the way into the new year.
  • Royals players are people just like you—here’s how they spent the holidays.
  • Steve Christmas: the career we all wish actually was (but no one more so than John Sterling).
  • Tigers fans react to Detroit getting back Avila and well, can anyone say they’re at all shocked?
  • The Minnesota prospects are exciting, you guys!
  • Cleveland has a pretty monumental 2016. Reflect on what the biggest stories to come out of Ohio’s favorite baseball stadium and don’t forget the tissues.