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NL East: How will Clay Buchholz play in Philadelphia?

Check out all the news from the National League East.

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Coming off of a turbulent season in Boston, how will Clay Buchholz fair in Philadelphia? The Good Fight has all the answers for you and more. Hint: it’s not as bad as last year.

Here’s what else is happening in the National League East:

  • You know what the Mets really need to work on this offseason? Strengthening their middle relief.
  • Dusty Baker is not satisfied with 95 wins, like any good manager shouldn’t be.
  • Seth Lugo will pitch for Puerto Rico as they try to keep their World Baseball Classic success rolling.
  • Get to know Adam Eaton, the National’s newest outfielder.
  • SOS someone please find the Braves a catcher already, this is getting a bit ridiculous.
  • Jose Bautista could end up with a lot of different teams next year. The Phillies have the potential to be one of them.
  • Can someone check on Jim Henderson for us? Just to make sure he’s doing okay, eating enough, sleeping a full eight hours?
  • The prospects in the Atlanta Braves system are set to make a big impact in the 2017 season.
  • The Marlins are nowhere near done making moves this offseason (so cross your fingers, everyone).
  • However, acquiring Mike Napoli will not be one of said moves.
  • The Braves probably aren’t going all in on Dozier. Sorry to get your hopes up.