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The Rosterbatorical Episode 19: Tyler Clippard, Yovani Gallardo, Cuba and spring training

The latest episode of the official MLB Daily Dish podcast, The Rosterbatorical.

Hello baseball fans! Welcome back to another edition of the Rosterbatorical, episode number 19. Chris Schubert, Matt Goldman and Mike Bates are back and they have a lot to talk about. Tyler Clippard signed with the Diamondbacks. Yovani Gallardo is close to a deal with the Orioles. The guys discuss all of that.

Then they have a larger conversation about Cuba and baseball in general, and talk about what value there is in spring training. It's a jam-packed episode.

Key time-stamps for this week's show:

You can listen to the episode through the player below, or download it from here.

:43- Tyler Clippard signing

9:00- Yovani Gallardo rumors

14:17- Cuba talk

27:40- Spring training discussion

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And, as always, you can follow the show @MLBDailyDish. The hosts can be reached @ChrisRSchubert, @MikeBatesSBN and @TheOriginalBull. Leave your thoughts on this week's show in the comments below and if you have any questions that you want the hosts to answer, tweet at them.