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Jenrry Mejia suspended for life after a third positive PED test

In just a year, Mejia has gone from the Mets' closer to permanently banned from Major League Baseball. Amazing.

In what is truly a stunning development, Jenrry Mejia was earned himself a lifetime suspension from Major League Baseball today for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs for the third time. Good Lord.

The Mets released the following statement:

Mejia debuted as a 20 year old in 2010 and was one fo the top 100 prospects in baseball in both 2010 and 2011. After Tommy John surgery in 2011, he struggled to come back, but seemed to finally find himself as the Mets' closer in 2014, striking out more than a batter per inning and saving 28 games in 31 chances.

He first tested positive for Stanozolol in April of 2015 and earned an 80 game suspension. Amazingly, by July he was in trouble again, testing positive for Stanozolol again and Boldenone just three weeks after his suspension ended. He was the first player to get a ban for a full year. This is the third and final strike for Mejia, who will have to continue his career overseas. If he is truly is done, he finishes with a record of 9-14 and 28 saves and 162 strikeouts in 183.1 innings and 113 appearances. Since taking over as closer in 2014, he has had as many suspensions as blown saves.

Mejia is eligible to apply for reinstatement after a year, but must sit out at least two full years before he can play again. It's an absolutely flabbergasting fall. A year ago, the Mets were counting on him as their closer, and now he's done.

The Mets weren't counting on him for most of 2016 anyway, and this shouldn't hurt them in the short run. But this does cost them a potentially valuable reliever in future years, or a trade chip with a very strong right arm.

Here is the list of the players banned from baseball since 1920:

Shoeless Joe Jackson, Eddie Cicotte, Lefty Williams, Chick Gandil, Happy Felsch, Buck Weaver, Swede Risberg, Fred McMullin, Joe Gedeon, Eugene Paulette, Benny Kauff, Lee Magee, Phil Douglas, Jimmy O'Connell, William Cox, Pete Rose, Jenrry Mejia

That's some club.