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Royals sign Ned Yost, Dayton Moore to extensions

The Royals have locked up two key members of their franchise

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

After two back-to-back successful seasons that resulted in a an AL Championship, and a World Series Championship, the Royals have decided to lock up Dayton Moore and Ned Yost. According to the Kansas City Star, Yost received a "two year extension" but the terms of Moore's contract weren't known.

Moore has been with the team in his current capacity since 2006, and after a long rebuild, his work has finally come to fruition. The Royals have 14 players on their 40-man roster that they selected in the amateur draft, which is slightly better than the major league average of 12. In recent years, Moore has shown he has the ability to identify complimentary pieces that pay huge dividends.

He was on the receiving end of a lot of jokes after signing Kendrys Morales, but Moore was vindicated when his free-agent pickup proceeded to hit .290/.362/.485 over the course of 639 plate appearances. In an official press release, Royals president Dan Glass had nothing but praise for his general manager.

"You can't find an individual with a stronger work ethic or dedication to his craft than Dayton Moore. He possesses all of the qualities you look for starting with his leadership, to organizational vision and tireless dedication to the position. Dayton also possesses the ability to get everyone working toward the same common goal, which is to strive daily to make this organization better."

Yost has also had his fair share of ridicule thrown his way, but the results don't lie, and he's the two-time reigning AL Championship manager, and the reigning World Series Championship manager. His lineups may be unorthodox, and fans will surely take issue with a lot of his moves going forward, but as the old saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."