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This wonderful anecdote from Jeff Passan is exactly why we'll miss Tony Phillips

Former A's and Tigers "underrated superstar" utility man Tony Phillips has passed. This gem from Jeff Passan shows what we're losing -- and why we will miss Phillips so much.

Tony Phillips, former infielder and underrated super utility man for the Oakland A's and Detroit Tigers (among others), has passed away. Our friends at Athletics Nation are covering the story well and have the details.

While we will all miss Phillips, it's this story that Jeff Passan from Yahoo! Sports tells on Twitter that captures the man and the spirit so well:

I always tell our writers to add value, to give everything their own spin, their own take, to give you readers something more than what the source has given. Grant Brisbee has a lovely reflection here that exemplifies the idea. I don't know how to do what he does, or say what he's saying (and few others can be so eloquent and disarming), or how to add value to what Passan has said above.

But here's what I know about Tony Philips:

Tony Phillips was the utility guy doing the lord's work there in the dirt while the Bash Brothers were hitting dingers. You came for the dingers, but you stayed for Phillips. He's the guy you wanted to play like, he's the guy you want your kids to play like. He's who you think of when you think of what baseball is supposed to be.

Tony Phillips, you will be missed.

You can (and should) follow Jeff Passan on Twitter here. He's summarized his twitter thread on Facebook here.