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Orioles sign Yovani Gallardo to re-structured 2-year, $22 million deal

Yovani Gallardo has agreed to a two-year, $22 million deal with the Baltimore Orioles that includes a club option.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

It appears the Yovani Gallardo saga is drawing to a close as the Baltimore Orioles and the starting pitcher have re-structured their deal. Gallardo will reportedly make $22 million in guaranteed money on the 2-year deal, with a third-year option included at $13 million with a $2 million buyout.

After an initial deal of 3-years, $35 million seemed to be struck between Gallardo and the Orioles, some issues reportedly came up with the physical. This was discussed previously by Scott Gelman:

This wouldn't be the first time an iffy medical prevented a player from suiting up with the Orioles. In 2013, Baltimore nixed a deal with Grant Balfour, as he "did not meet the approval of the Orioles' doctors."

Details of the original agreement were reported on Saturday by our Chris Cotillo. At that point, Gallardo's deal was set to include an option for a fourth-year for $13 million. In total, that means Gallardo's physical seems to have cost the free agent potentially up to $27 million.

Gallardo will join the pitching staff projected to allow the third-most runs in all of baseball in 2016. He is coming off of yet another year where his strikeout rate declined. Gallardo seems to be able to out-perform his peripherals with his knack for avoiding the longball.

While physicals are part of a team's due diligence, it seems a bit absurd that the Orioles were able to monopolize four days of Gallardo's potentially-crucial free agent time. The fact that Gallardo made it this deep into the offseason never boded particularly well for him. However, with pitchers and catchers already reported, Gallardo doesn't want to be left without a team for much longer.

For whatever reason, the Orioles found something in Gallardo's physical that made a longer commitment harder for them to rationalize. The point should be raised though, what kind of shoulder ailment was found that doesn't jeopardize the immediate future? Or, at least not as much as a guaranteed third year?

It seems extremely unfair that not only do the Orioles delay the signing process, but also seem to leverage it over Gallardo.