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Bovada's over/under win totals are here!

The Cubs are the favorite to be the best team in 2016.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Earlier today, Bovada released their over/under win totals for MLB. According to their figures, only one team is set to win more than 90 games, while three teams could win fewer than 70. The bottom six teams are all in the National League, but the top five teams are all also from the National League. The Royals, while still not a top 10 team, come out better here than they did in the FanGraphs and Baseball Prospectus projections. For the sake of ease, we've sorted the over/under totals by division.

AL West

Win Total
Houston Astros (Division winner) 87.5
Texas Rangers 84.5
Seattle Mariners 82.5
Los Angeles Angels 81.5
Oakland A's 75.5

AL Central

Win Total
Kansas City Royals (Division winner) 85.5
Cleveland Indians 84.5
Detroit Tigers 81.5
Chicago White Sox 80.5
Minnesota Twins 78.5

AL East

Win Total
Toronto Blue Jays (Division winner) 87.5
Boston Red Sox (1st Wild Card) 86.5
New York Yankees (2nd Wild Card) 85.5
Tampa Bay Rays 81.5
Baltimore Orioles 79.5

NL West

Win Total
San Francisco Giants (Division winner) 89.5
Los Angeles Dodgers (2nd Wild Card) 88.5
Arizona Diamondbacks 82.5
San Diego Padres 73.5
Colorado Rockies 70.5

NL Central

Win Total
Chicago Cubs (Division winner) 92.5
St. Louis Cardinals 87.5
Pittsburgh Pirates 86.5
Cincinatti Reds 70.5
Milwaukee Brewers 69.5

NL East

Win Total
New York Mets (Division winner or 1st Wild Card) 89.5
Washington Nationals (Division winner or 1st Wild Card) 89.5
Miami Marlins 79.5
Atlanta Braves 66.5
Philadelphia Phillies 65.5

Based on the over/under totals, the AL Central is expected to be the most competitive, as the first and last place team are only separated by seven games. The AL East's top three teams are the closest out of any division; and after an offseason in which the Giants spent over $300 million, they're the favorites to take home the NL West, although the Dodgers are just one game behind.

Question: Which win total is the most outrageous?