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The MLB Daily Dish: MLB trade rumors and news for March 10, 2016

Kick your day off right with the latest news, rumors, and analysis covering what could, should, and will affect your club's roster.

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The MLB Daily Dish is a daily feature we're running here at MLBDD and rounds up roster-impacting news, rumors, and analysis. Have feedback or have something that should be shared? Hit us at @mlbdailydish on Twitter.

Good morning baseball fans!

Phillies outfielder Aaron Altherr will need wrist surgery, putting him on the shelf for the next four to six months.

Jered Weaver may have a huge issue, as a scout yesterday had his fastball topping out at 80 miles per hour during his two innings of work.

The Braves are holding a high asking price for shortstop Erick Aybar.

Yesterday, the latest edition of The Rosterbatorical was released, and you can listen to it here.

Tim Lincecum threw at a private location yesterday....well it was private until the Royals found him.

The Cleveland Indians rotation strikes out a lot of batters, via FanGraphs.

Based on projections, Cleveland will have to outperform their strikeout rate by almost three percentage points if they’re going to challenge the 1990 Mets. That doesn’t seem likely, but crazier things have happened, and the ’90 Mets no doubt shocked baseball when they compiled their ridiculous campaign. We’d have to thinkTrevor Bauer would need to take a major step forward in 2016 to have any chance of the Indians making a run at the record, which isn’t exactly the most far-fetched of ideas: Bauer had three 10-plus strikeout games in the first two months of the 2015 season. The talent is there — as it always has been — but up until now, getting everything working at the same time has been a struggle for him.

There’s also the simple thought that we might be approaching a kind of super saturation related to strikeouts. At what point do strikeout rates stop increasing? At what point must they stop increasing? It seems like there must be a cap to the trend, and if in fact we have reached that cap, posting the kind of above-average outlier season needed to break this strikeout record is going to be incredibly difficult. One thing the Indians have going for them: for two months last season, they were there, posting video-game numbers. We know they’re capable of it for short periods of time. Lots of incredible things are possible in baseball during short periods of time. And, because it’s March, we can dream.

Adrian Beltre is looking for a three-year extension.

Henry Druschel of Beyond the Box Score took a look at the saddest teams of 2015.

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Today in Baseball History: In 1951, F.B.I director J. Edgar Hoover announces that he has declined the position of baseball commissioner.

Question of the Day: Is Adrian Beltre worth a three-year extension?