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Carter Capps is headed to see Dr. Andrews

The news on Carter Capps doesn't seem to be getting any better.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Language is a powerful tool. Ever since its creation, words have had the ability to evoke a spectrum of emotions to billions of people. They can trigger a sense of love, hate, curiosity, and countless others. This is true even in sports, and baseball has had its fair share of moments that have been beautifully captured through radio and TV.

While those events mostly elicit emotions of happiness, seeing or hearing the words "Dr. Andrews", will immediately send a collective shiver down a fanbase's spine. Unfortunately for Marlins fans, that's exactly what happened this morning.

On Tuesday, we learned that Capps was going to get a second opinion on his elbow after undergoing an MRI, and now we know that he's heading to see Dr. Andrews. While that doesn't inherently mean that he'll need Tommy John surgery, or that his 2016 season is lost, it doesn't inspire much confidence either; especially given the fact that Miami is reportedly exploring the trade market.

As of now, it's unclear as to who the Marlins might target, and it's also possible that they could choose to sign one of the remaining free agent relievers. What is clear however, is that if Miami does lose Capps, it will be an enormous blow to their bullpen. Despite throwing just 31 innings in 2015, he managed to accumulate an fWAR of 1.3, which was just 0.2 points below Craig Kimbrel.

Capps' K/9 of 16.84 was the best in baseball (for those with at least 20 innings pitched), and even with his unorthodox delivery, his BB/9 rate was fantastic (2.03). He was expected to compete with A.J. Ramos for the closer role in 2016, but with his injury, and potential upcoming DL stint, that doesn't seem likely anymore.

This story will be updated once more information becomes available.