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Which teams might have to make a trade sooner rather than later?

The Rangers, Red Sox, and Diamondbacks could all be early entrants into the trade market.

Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

It's only April 11th, which means that despite a hot or cold start to the season, most teams don't really have to panic about anything yet. While Mike Trout is hitting .200/.320/.250 thus far, the Angels are in no way considering options for how to replace him should his early slump continue. Zack Greinke has a 9.90 ERA in 10 innings, and while Diamondbacks fans might be freaking out, Arizona's front office isn't worried just yet.

That being said, there are a number of teams that might be looking ahead for ways to improve their club. Whether it's a lack of faith in a rookie, or a recent injury, a few front offices could already be scouring other organizations in search of upgrades.

Texas Rangers

Texas was linked to Jonthan Lucroy during spring training, and with Robinson Chirinos' injury, those rumors are likely going to heat up again.

David Stearns could have moved Lucroy last offseason, but he was reportedly unsatisfied with the trade offers he received. Considering that the All-Star catcher is signed through the 2017 season (he has a team option), Stearns wasn't forced to move Lucroy, much in the way that the Phillies weren't rushed into accepting an offer for Cole Hamels.

According to Heyman, talks between the Rangers and Brewers haven't restarted yet, but if they do, Stearns has much more leverage than he did during spring training. Without Chirinos, Texas will turn to Bryan Holaday, who has just 291 major league plate appearances under his belt. He's a career .246/.277/.358 hitter, and it seems unlikely that he'll be able to replicate Chirinos' 2015 value.

If Lucroy proves to be too expensive, the Rangers could also explore a trade for Derek Norris, who they were connected to earlier this year.

Boston Red Sox

Going into the season, various scouts expressed concern about Boston's rotation, and based off the early returns, they had reason to worry. Joe Kelly managed to give up seven earned runs in just three innings, Clay Buchholz allowed five earned runs in four innings, and Rick Porcello was charged for four earned runs in six innings.

Of those three, only Porcello's start wasn't a reason to worry. Kelly is coming off an abysmal 2015 season, and Buchholz has never been able to post back-to-back above average campaigns. Unlike the Rangers and their sudden need for a starting catcher, the Red Sox don't have to make a decision immediately, as Eduardo Rodriguez could be back by "late April/early May".

Boston has been connected to Sonny Gray, and while Oakland has no desire to move their All-Star right-hander, Billy Beane has shown a willingness to move "untouchable" players before. The Red Sox have a deep farm system, and if Dave Dombrowski decides he wants to acquire another ace, he undoubtedly has the pieces to accomplish that goal.

Arizona Diamondbacks

The moment that A.J. Pollock broke his elbow, Arizona's playoff chances took an enormous hit.

"Given that the Diamondbacks will be contending with either the Giants or Dodgers, as well as the Pirates, Cardinals, and Nationals for those Wild Cards, the margin of error for them was always relatively slim. The Diamondbacks, quite simply, could not afford to lose the one guy they just lost. The drop off is simply too huge. What a shame, given the price the paid in talent and treasure to put themselves in a position to make the postseason, that that the campaign is essentially lost before they even get to play a game. Wait 'til next year I guess."

While Arizona's shot at the playoff may have already been extinguished, their front office certainly isn't going to operate under that assumption; and as a result, might have to enter the trade market.

Yasmany Tomas will now be counted on for significant production, and somewhat surprisingly, Chris Owings is getting the majority of playing time in center thus far. Owings is a career .243/.282/.353 hitter and had never played center field at the major league level before this year. While Socrates Brito doesn't have much major league experience at all, he's actually an outfielder, and posted intriguing numbers at AA; as well as a .303/.324/.455 line in 34 plate appearances at the major league level.

If Tomas, Owings, and Brito can't provide any meaningful value, and David Peralta is the only productive outfielder, the Diamondbacks may be forced to make a move.