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AL Central Notes: Adrian Beltre extension, Twins land David Murphy

The latest from around the American League Central.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Although it looked like Adrian Beltre was interested in joining the Rangers long term for a while, extension talks appeared to stall.

But Friday night, the Rangers reportedly signed Beltre to a two-year, $36 million deal. It came without much warning. Texas is likely fond of Beltre and wanted to get a deal done.

Beltre will likely end his career as one of the game's better third baseman, and he has had his share of success at the plate. And things are no different this season.

More from around the American League Central:

  • Kansas City made it a point to avoid facing Joe Mauer in its series with the Twins. He was walked four times during the three game series.
  • Minnesota signed David Murphy to a minor league deal. He was sent to Triple-A, but it is unlikely he remains there for long.
  • The Indians revealed their 2016 special event jerseys. They are pretty distinct.
  • Sure, the Tigers have performed well early. But the production isn't coming from players you would expect it from.
  • When Jarrod Dyson returns, whose roster spot will he take? The Royals could choose one of three potential players to demote.
  • Both the Braves and Twins started the season winless their first eight games. Which team was it worse for?