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Tim Lincecum getting closer to showcase

Tim Lincecum appears to be getting nearer to having a showcase.

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

On March 9th, the Royals managed to find Tim Lincecum's secret throwing location in Arizona, but then were immediately escorted off the premises. Throughout spring training, numerous organizations, and fans, waited for Lincecum to hold his showcase, and unleash what everyone hoped would be a return to his old dominant self.

Unfortunately that never happened. The Giants' former ace has yet to throw in front of an assembly of scouts and front office executives, and are instead waiting for their formal invite to watch Lincecum.

While it might seem strange that as of April 21st, he has yet to have his showcase, as his father explained, they're getting ready for more than just the 2016 season.

"We're not preparing for a showcase, we're preparing for a season and his career. The showcase is just a piece of it. Once that's over, he can go somewhere."

At this point, it's still unclear when Lincecum might be read to make his way back to the major leagues, but Jon Heyman provided somewhat of an update earlier today.

Heyman notes that while Lincecum was throwing on the Giants' Arizona fields, that doesn't necessarily mean that's where he's going to wind up long-term. In most cases, even if a player isn't with a team, they still have the option to work out and go through the rehab process at their most recent organization's facilities.

Assuming Lincecum's showcase goes well, he shouldn't have a problem trying to find a new place to call home (if he doesn't return to San Francisco). He reportedly had multiple offers back in Februrary, and there are always teams that are interested in buying low on reclamation projects.