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MLB Daily Dish LIVE Episode 1: Chris Cotillo answers your questions

Cotillo answers questions about baseball, his height, best classes to break news in, and gets a visit from his mom and the Houston Astros.

It's not every day our MLB insider can take a break from Spanish 201 homework to go live with MLBDD readers, but when Chris Cotillo is available we're going to make the most of it. Our inaugural Facebook Live effort has Chris answering your questions, including:

- Can you see Noah Syndergaard winning a Cy Young in the near future?

- Who are your AL and NL rookies of the year?

- When can we expect Carson Smith to rejoin the Red Sox bullpen?

- Which manager is on the hottest seat after the first 3 weeks of the season?

- Which top prospect will arrive first?

- When do you do your homework?

- Will Joakim Soria figure it out or be a bust for the Kansas City Royals?

- How tall are you big guy?

- Which rookie manager has impressed you so far?

- How do you feel about the Mets this season?

- Can (will) the White Sox keep up their current pace?

- What does it take to become an MLB player?

- What's it like knowing Tom Brady is probably going to jail FOR LIFE?

- Was Byron Buxton too over-hyped (and will he just end up as a defensive specialist)?

- Do you think the Cubs will make any moves at the deadline (and for whom)?

- Is a hot dog a sandwich?

- During which class is the best to break news?

The actual Houston Astros chimed in:

- and finally, Which club will be the breakout team this season?

Watch here:

Look who stopped by our Facebook comments while Chris was live!

Hi Mom!

Also please note the Astros promised #scoops for Chris if he answered their dumb question:

★ ★ ★

Big thanks to all our followers on Facebook and on Twitter for the questions, the views, and the support. Also a big THANK YOU to the Astros for the interesting question and to Chris's mom for being so sweet. We'll be trying to do this weekly so see you next time!