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Twins rumors: Jose Berrios called up

The Twins will finally get a look at one of their top pitching prospects.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

While the Twins have yet to confirm the news, it seems that Jose Berrios is being called up for his major league debut.

With Minnesota off to a 6-14 start, they clearly need all the help they can get. According to FanGraphs, Berrios rated as the Twins' third best prospect. In 92.2 innings at the AAA level, he posted a K/9 of 10.00, a BB/9 of 2.14, along with an ERA of 2.33, and an FIP of 2.78. Thus far in 2016, he's been lights out, with a 1.06 ERA, and 2.74 FIP, and not surprisingly, MLB Pipeline's write up of Berrios was glowing.

"Berrios has a terrific combination of stuff and feel, especially for someone his age. A terrific athlete, he has a live, quick arm that can consistently fire fastballs at the mid-90s level. Berrios' curveball has improved so much that it's almost an out pitch for him at this point. His changeup has the chance to be plus as well, which would give him three "60s" in his repertoire. "

Minnesota currently ranks 15th in terms of pitching fWAR, while their offense is slightly behind at 18th. Berrios will give the Twins a better rotation, but it's their lineup that needs to pick up the slack.

Regardless of their offensive woes, this is an exciting day, as Berrios has finally arrived, and will likely join the ever-growing stable of elite young players that are taking MLB by storm.