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How confident in their GMs are AL West fans?

The results of our GM Confidence Poll are in, and Rangers fans are still mooning over the Cole Hamels trade.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I put a survey in the field that asked you to rate how confident you are in your team's front office on a scale of one to five, with five being the most confident. Over 1900 of you responded. Thank you for taking the time, and thank you to the SBNation site managers who helped promote it.

For this edition of the GM Confidence Ratings, we've broken up the results into six posts, tackling one division at a time. On Monday, we started with the AL East and the NL East. Yesterday, we hit the AL Central and the NL Central. Now, we're moving on to the AL West. I'll also include the previous rating for each club, which we collected in early August of 2015. The mean for this poll was exceptionally high, with the average team rating at 3.8, but fans in the AL West beat that with an average of 4.1. They also had the highest floor of fan confidence of any division in baseball.

Ok, so without further ado, here are the results, from most confident to least:

Texas Rangers - Jon Daniels

Current Rating: 4.7

Respondents: 335

Previous Rating: 3.9

Your comment: "JD has shown time and time again that he is a very good GM. He pulled off the deal for Cole Hamels last summer when everyone thought we were dead in the water. We gave up some very good prospects, but still have enough on the farm to make us a top 5 farm system. The Hamels trade was thought for the future, but it helped us win the division last year. He's pulled off many a trade during his tenure and is still considered a young GM. He's surrounded himself with great FO talent and others have gone one to be GM's elsewhere (Preller)." - @JeffGlasgow34

My comment: The Rangers' mediocre start isn't worrying fans too much, as they're still in love with the Cole Hamels trade. I like it too, and Daniels has proven a capable GM. That said, it's weird that they didn't do much to address the starting rotation this offseason, and left left field as a total black hole.

Houston Astros - Jeff Lunhow

Current Rating: 4.2

Respondents: 16

Previous Rating: 4.9

Your comment: "Luhnow and Co. has drafted extremely well, but so far their trades haven't worked out. Carlos Gomez has been a hole in the lineup since he got to Houston. Fiers pitching as solid as he has saved that from being an awful trade. Also, although there's still lots of time to play out in worried giving up Vince Velasquez is going to hurt more than what we hope Ken Giles will help." - @MikeyballTx

My comment: So, the Astros break through a year before they were expected to, win a playoff spot, and Houston fans are somehow less confident in their GM right now? That's amazing. I mean, I guess a 6-15 start will do that to you. The fans do have a point, though. The trades the Astros have made over the last nine months have all been disastrous so far.

Seattle Mariners - Jerry DiPoto

Current Rating: 4.2

Respondents: 32

Previous Rating: 1.6 (Jack Zdurienczik)

Your comment: "Jerry DiPoto seems to have a sound and sensible plan in place that encompasses the entire organization, not just the big league club. That said, it's been 15 years since a playoff appearance so it's getting harder and harder to have too much confidence in anything or anyone." - @THEDeeJenks

My comment: No team saw a bigger jump in confidence than the Mariners between last August and now. That's how little faith people had in Jack Zduriencik. And the performance of the Mariners so far bears out that newfound confidence. Personally, I loved DiPoto's moves this offseason.

Oakland Athletics - Billy Beane/David Forst

Current Rating: 3.9

Respondents: 174

Previous Rating: 3.8

Your comment: "Given the payroll limitations, Beane and Forst have hostorically done a fantastic job of trading for young, undervalued players, as well as finding scrap heal picks that end up contributing on an MLB level." - @CoryGraves

My comment: It feels weird to be worried about the zen master, but missteps like Yonder Alonso and Billy Butler continue to haunt this club. I want to believe in Billy Beane still, but last year shook my faith a lot. So did the Ryan Madson contract.

Los Angeles Angels - Billy Eppler

Current Rating: 3.4

Respondents: 18

Previous Rating: 2.6 (Bill Stoneman)

Your comment: "Eppler has only been at the helm a short period of time and has been constrained by a meddling owner and a manager who has too much power. Haven't seen a draft for Eppler yet so it will be impossible to tell for a couple of years at least." - @ettinone

My comment: Eppler is working with some very serious constraints right now, with an owner who overspent for years and now demands austerity and a farm system that's entirely bereft. It will take a couple a couple years before we get any sense of who Eppler is.